4 Tips For Running a Successful Home Business

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A growing number of Americans are starting home based businesses. According to the Business Administration, 52 percent of businesses are home-based, and that amount has steadily improved in recent years.

Steve Sarcola, a Texas-based businessman, is a part of that information, while he jumped to the home-business bandwagon back in 1999.

Sarcola goes after VLT, a consulting company that gives help during night and weekend hours to new startups.

Sarcola  says he saw a lot of potential in running a home based business. He thought his idea to get a consulting firm could take off from his house, from saving money on a workplace to removing drive time. He was right. With two employees and a few dozen customers, the former telecommunications worker stays busy with his network marketing business Kyani.

“With fewer bills I may worry less about preserving the business profitable during leaner months and will keep my prices low,” he says.

Although his success comes from twenty years of expertise, Sarcola says there are many tips he’d prefer to give to others who may want to follow in his home-based company actions.

1. Use free or discount based companies to save on monthly expenses

Of course, having a home office means you don’t must spend big bucks for office space, but Evans suggests that isn’t the only place where a home based business owner can save some cash.

“I could probably write volumes regarding the free and low-cost sources an entrepreneur can use,” Evans jokes.

He uses FreshBooks, a cloud-based application, for his accounting requirements and employs Trend Sales to make professional invoices.

2. Outsource jobs to release your time

Most home businesses start out as being an one man operation , but you don’t have to be a jack-of-all-trades. On these sites, you submit your project and companies bid on it. You select the company that’s the skills you’re seeking and fits inside your budget.

One of many disadvantages to managing a home-based business is bound social interaction, Sarcola  recommends joining professional groups in your community.

“Even the tiniest towns have networking organizations, and joining them is just a method to get free from the home, from the computer, as well as in position to savor the organization of like minded people he says. “Plus, going to these functions makes it possible to spread the word about business.”

Marketing is somewhat challenging for home-based firms, so it’s important to cough up a few bucks to present your service or product to clients, Sarcola  says.

As every dollar matters, advertising is one area where you need to spend money to create money,” he says. Particularly when compared to the return you see from free ads on Craigslist.” “A quality strategy might have large dividends.

Your home-based business will require a substantial time expense Sarcola,  says, however the final result can be quite a successful business.

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10 Ways To Boost Your Credit Score

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1. Dispute errors directly. You can dispute errors online through Equifax,Experian and TransUnion or contact Credit Wealth Express to guide you through the entire credit repair process.By law all 3 bureaus have 30 days to verify disputed items on your credit report and if they cannot be verified they are required to remove the these items from your profile.

 2. Negotiate with creditors.You can make a request to your creditor that debt or any account that went to collection be removed. Write a note offering to pay off the rest of your balance if the creditor will then report the item as “paid as agreed” or  even remove it altogether.

3. Check your credit limits. Make sure your reported credit limits are up to date verses lower than the limits actually are. You don’t want it to appear as though you’re maxing out your cards every month. If your credit card company neglected  to mention your newly raised credit limit, request that this be done immediately.

4. Get a new credit card. Having multiple credit cards will positively affect credit your score as long as you don’t carry a high balance and don’t miss any payments. Essentially, be responsible with your finances.

5. Become an authorized user. This means convincing a friend or relative to add you to his or her existing credit card account.This allows you to basically “piggyback” on someone else’s positive credit history.If you unable to find a candidate who is willing to add you as an authorized user then you can buy seasoned tradelines as an alternative.Seasoned tradelines are essentially accounts that are over 2 years old with excellent payment history.You can purchase these from a third party for a predetermined price and they are added to your credit report the same way an authorized user account is reported.

6. Keep your balances low.Your credit utilization ratio should not exceed 30% of your credit limit to maximize your score.Credit utilization of 10% of overall limit is considered ideal.

7. Raise your credit limit. Request an increase in your credit limits from your credit card issuers.The more credit you have available the more trustworthy and stable you appear to future lenders.

8. Don’t close any credit cards. Canceling a credit card will reduce your overall available credit, which doesn’t look good to the credit bureau’s.Also,the longer your account has been open the more historical data the credit bureaus have to calculate your score.

9. Mix it up for variety. Using a variety credit can boost to your score very nicely. For example, you might take out an auto loan or home mortgage along with your credit cards.This diversifies your accounts which shows a well rounded credit profile.

10. Pay your bills on time. Your payment history makes up 35% of your FICO score which is a huge slice of the pie so don’t ignore this one. Take advantage of automated payments and you’ll be in good shape.


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How To Raise Your Credit Score Fast

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Credit Repair Bridge

Trying to understand your credit score can be difficult, especially when you want to quickly improve your credit score. Credit repair is possible with some work on your part. There are steps you can take that will help raise your score so that you can be approved for large purchase financing, such as a home or a car. Explained here is some background, along with tips for you to improve your credit score.
Your credit score
So much of your financial life revolves around your credit score. But do you really know what that is? This is a score compiled by three major reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Any place where you have credit trade lines or accounts, will report to these agencies if you are past due, overdrawn your credit limit, etc. The agencies use this information to compile your score. Both positives (like always paying on time) and negatives (like being in default) are included to give you a score.
That score is then used by financing companies to determine what sort of interest rate you qualify for. Basically, they want to know the charges of getting their money back from you, and this score gives them that knowledge. The higher your score, the better interest rate you will receive. With a low score, generally those 580 and under, may put you at risk of being denied credit altogether. Once a year, you are legally entitled to a copy of your credit score from each of the three agencies from annualcreditreport.com. This will not give you your score, but will show you the negatives that are affecting your score.
If you do have a low credit score, you will want to improve it as quickly as possible to better your chances of receiving credit and getting a great interest rate.
Raising your credit score fast
You may think that bringing up your credit score is a lifetime event. This is not true. Keeping you credit score at a good number is a lifetime event, but raising does not have to be. Here is some advice to getting that score to where you want it to be:
1. First, you must review a copy of your credit from each of the three agencies mentioned above. Again, you are entitled to a free copy every year. You do not have to order them all at the same time. Order one every four months so that you can always be on top of your report all year long.
2. When you review your credit report, look for errors. Mistakes are made all the time. You can easily dispute these online through the agencies. You can also negotiate credit repair with the agencies as well. You can either do this yourself, or hire an experienced company to do it for you. At Credit Repair Dallas, this is where we come in. We have the experience and knowledge to get these negatives removed from you score.
3. It can be difficult sometimes, but always pay your bills on time. Try to keep up with your bills as best you can. If you have credit trade lines go to a collections agency, it will be on your credit report for up to seven years. Those can be the most harmful, but there is hope if you ask us for help with credit repair.
4. When you have a lot of credit card bills, reducing these first is a great way to raise your score. Take extra income and put it towards the bill with the lowest balance. Always pay at least the minimum on all credit cards, and use extra money to get one paid down completely and quickly, then move onto the next.
5. Have you ever heard of a secured credit card? These can help those with no credit history or low credit scores. A secured credit card is a credit card where you supply a security deposit up front. This way, you cannot go into default. You can use the card and pay it off as you go, with a cushion to help you if needed. If you show responsibility, you may receive more credit. A secured credit card is great for those who want to improve their credit quickly.

For more great tips on how to improve your credit score quickly, visit our website K2Credit.com. View our services to see how we can help you clean up your credit report.

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Getting Rich With Million Dollar Flips

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Flipping million dollar homes is definitely the fastest way to real estate riches. Have you ever heard the expression, “the best way to rake in $2-Million in real estate is to invest in a $20-Million dollar home?” There is definitely some logic in that thinking. The good news about it is that you do not need to have two million or twenty million to invest in a luxury home flips.

Countless  investors have been engaged in high end real estate investing for quite some time, making this the best kept secret from the majority of real estate investors involved mainly with standard mid-level real estate properties, unaware of the cash cow sitting right in front of their faces.

Luxury properties follow the same wholesaling principle as basic homes: you can flip a luxury home the same way as you flip a standard home, the only variable is the proportional gross profit. More or less put a zero at the end of your projected profit.

There has been a massive surge in high-end and luxury flipping nationwide among entrepreneurs.Custom home builders are also jumping in on the action in a race for massive profits carrying out massive remodeling projects and renovations. Between 2010 and today, flips of custom homes costing $2 million or more have risen almost 50 percent across the country. Two main events have caused most of these increases in interest on accumulating a collection of luxury holdings: the first event, with the collapse of the real estate market,market investors sighted a great opportunity in the luxury home investment field and moved into the basic home market with a tidal wave of money  bought almost every foreclosure in up for grabs, primarily to use as home rentals. The second event was the gradual increase of investors from outside the the country jumping into the US real estate market. In 2015, investors from China spent $14 billion on U.S. real estate, making the China the second-largest foreign home investors, right behind the Canadians at $17 billion.

With an avalanche of capital flooding in the real estate market from large private equity firms to international investors, most luxury homes are a sure thing when it comes to attracting high-end buyers either as primary residents or investors looking to increase their luxury home holdings.Below are some of the more popular communities for luxury real estate investing:

  • Beverly Hills, California
  • Manhattan, New York
  • La Jolla, California
  • Carmel, California
  • Jupiter, Florida
  • East Hampton, New York
  • Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
  • Miami Beach, Florida
  • Malibu, California
  • Vail, Colorado

Above is just a small sample of cities to consider investing.Virtually all metropolitan areas offer luxury home flipping opportunities – from major cities like Seattle, Houston, Boston, to smaller up and coming cities like Cleveland, Boise and Tucson, all have high end flipping or investing opportunities.

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How To Find A Tax Advisor

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After years of looking through  financial magazines, I often see the headline “Consult your tax adviser.” So how do I go about hiring a professional tax adviser? And how are tax advisors compensated?Let’s take a look at the big picture and explore all of your options.

Most unlicensed tax consultants with less than stellar credentials set up shop during income-tax season. Some fall off the face of the earth after the April 15 filing date, leaving you to deal with the IRS on your own if there’s a problem with your  tax return. The IRS has recently buckled down on such less than professional tax preparation companies by directly contacting those people whose returns have frequently shown to have major errors. Additionally, the IRS is implementing more stringent  rules for anyone who commands a fee to prepare an individuals tax return. The vast majority of the new rules do not take complete effect until the 2016 tax season, so taxpayers still need to do their due diligence when hiring a tax preparation company or adviser this year.

One solid approach is to contact and hire an enrolled agent. Enrolled agents are tax professionals who must pass several rigorous tests, keep up with annual continuing-education requirements, and who are legally licensed to represent clients in front of the Internal Revenue Service. Enrolled agents can properly prepare your income-tax return, and  provide expert tax-planning advice. You can also employ the services of an enrolled agent if you need assistance after being dealt a penalty letter from the IRS.

Enrolled agents work in a various capacities: Many have their own consulting firms, some work for tax-preparation franchises, and some are also  certified financial planners or certified public accountants . You can always locate an enrolled agent directly through the National Association of Enrolled Agents, at www.naea.org. They most often charge by the tax form to prepare a return in their basic service . The more complex your return, the more you’ll end up paying in the end.That’s why it’s always best to keep track of all your expenditures and receipts so that the entire tax preparation process goes smoothly.

If you’re looking for assitance with financial planning as well as tax preparation, CPAs who are also expert financial specialists (CPA/PFS) can help combine tax planning with investing, retirement-planning and estate holdings.Please contact your local Chamber Of Commerce.


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